Ends Statement

Our Ends Statement defines EA Co-op’s reason for being and the positive impact we intend to have.

The East Aurora Cooperative Market exists so that the Southtowns is a flourishing healthy community that:


• has access to high quality, reasonably-priced food, with an emphasis on local, minimally-processed and ethically-produced goods.

• is empowered to influence what is grown, produced, sold, bought, and consumed.

• has a thriving local economy.

• is knowledgeable about the impact of food and product choice on its well-being.

• is knowledgeable about Cooperative Principles and Values and the cooperative infrastructure is supported.

• is inclusive of diverse persons with diverse needs.

• has a sense of pride, fairness, connectedness, belonging, and fellowship.

• supports and advocates sustainable agriculture, economy, environment, and quality of life in WNY.

east aurora coop

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