Capital Campaign

Campaigning to be the very best we can be.

Capital Campaigning, that is. As the Co-op moves forward with the construction phase and prepares for opening, the Board has sought and received New York State approval to launch an extension of our Capital Campaign to raise an additional $200,000. As you know, more than 300 member-owners have already invested over $880,000 through loans and the purchase of preferred shares. And we have closed on loans from outside lending institutions as well.

But the reality is that developing our Co-op will require roughly eight percent in additional capitalization. There are many factors contributing to this increase, including ‘real life’ construction bids, a reduction in projected government grants, and increases in equipment and operating costs. This is not an uncommon situation for start-up co-ops, similar to budget increases when building a new house.

Do we need to hit the full goal to open our doors? No. But our aim is not just to open the doors. Our aim is to be sustainable through the start-up phase as well, and the additional member-owner investment will give our Co-op the greatest chance to succeed as an operational store. If you would like more information, please contact Mike Benzin (716-316-1090), Kathy Pomerhn (716-698-9962) or email Thank you!

Offering by prospectus only to bona fide residents of New York State. NY #I14-6754

Do something great – consider an investment!

These are your checkouts. Soon you’ll experience excellent service in this very spot. Picking up a hot cup of soup for lunch, loading up on your Saturday shop, or grabbing a cool drink. We’re finally almost there! It’s going to be great.

Member-owners, the co-op still needs your help. The capital campaign is $168,500 from its goal. It’s a lot of money, but together we can make it happen.

Investing for a Strong Future

      The Capital Campaign Committee is busy contacting member/owners for their participation in the last phase of the Capital Campaign. The first phase got us where we are today, ready to open the doors, but this phase is just as important. There were...

You Did It!

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day at the East Aurora Co-op. Here’s a recap. Where we started: Going into the final day of the Capital Campaign, we had a $68,800 gap to fill to meet our minimum required investment goal. We gathered at the Co-op, rolled up our...

It’s A Big Day At The Co-op!

It’s a very big day at the East Aurora Cooperative Market. We’re pulling out all the stops to reach our Capital Campaign goal and we’re SO CLOSE! So we’re coming together at our 595 Main Street location to do everything we can to make today THE...

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day! With one week left in the Capital Campaign, we are a Co-op closer to being capitalized. Yesterday, a core group of dedicated member-owners chose to spend their Saturday morning calling fellow owners and spreading the word: We are so close,...

“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us” – Jackie Mutcheson

Write that check today! Only $168,500 to go! Learn more or make your investment by contacting Kathy at 716 698-9962 or (

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