Capital Campaign

Invest today to help your co-op start strong.

Together East Aurora Cooperative Market owners have invested almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS to make your shared vision a reality. Thanks to your investment and commitment, the co-op opened June 8. Thank you, owners!

Your investment fuels our mission: a sustainable store for years to come. But we’re not quite there yet. Higher than expected startup costs and delays have impacted our operating budget. The reality is that developing the co-op will require roughly eight percent in additional capitalization. Together we need an additional $38,000 in owner investment to be poised for success after opening day.

Your co-op needs you! Call 698-9962 or email and make your money work hard in our community!

Offering by prospectus only to bona fide residents of New York State. NY #I14-6754

east aurora co-op market capital campaign

The folks below are all co-op owners like you.

They believe in our co-op, and putting their money where their mouths are. Are you?

Why are they investing?  “We love the co-op, we’re proud to be a part of it and happy to be able to help. We invested before, and now that we see how the co-op is impacting our community for the better, we’re willing to do it again. We see it as an investment in the future of East Aurora, which we’ve loved and watched evolve in the 27 years we’ve lived here. It just makes sense to support the second co-op in all of Western NY!”

Harry and Su Mayers

EACM Owners/Investors

Why is he investing?  “My wife and I have volunteered with Native Offerings Farm and witnessed the transformative power of fresh fruits and vegetables!  We moved to East Aurora four years ago. Until now, the only thing missing from the village was a nice grocery market. We’re expecting a baby this fall, so we’re loading up on great healthy foods!”


EACM Owner/Investor

Why is she investing?
“I’m proud to be a co-op member and investor! I eat a vegan diet, and I’m finding loads of great choices at the co-op. The store is convenient and quick to shop. Easy-in, easy-out.”

Claire Mackiewicz

EACM Owner/Investor

Why is she investing?
“My grandson has food allergies, and the co-op is a place where I can shop safely for him. Also, I want to buy local produce; because it tastes great, and because people nearby will benefit from my purchases. The co-op is serving the Southtowns community, it’s not exclusive to East Aurora. I live in Hamburg and it’s already my go-to!”

Lynn Meslinsky

EACM Owner/Investor

“Good food is not a trend. People want to know how and where their food is grown. I want to support a business that’s buying local and practicing sustainability. It’s good for the community!”


EACM Owner/Investor

We’re invested! We’re proud to be investors. The co-op enhances our community in so many ways!

Deb and Steve Radziwon

EACM owners/investors

east aurora coop

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