Anyone can shop. Everyone can join.

A successful co-op depends on community members like you! When you join, you support our local economy and strengthen our community. And you get great member-only deals, are eligible to vote in our annual board elections and possibly run for a seat on the board. In profitable years, member-owners receive dividends in proportion to their patronage of the store.

Cost: Ownership shares are a one-time payment of $200.

How to join: The easiest way to join is at the register and you’ll get your member-owner card right away! For more information, click here to view our application.

Current member-owners: you may pick up your membership card at the register!



The East Aurora Co-op Market is a start-up business that requires member equity to cover opening expenses. Please note that while member equity is potentially refundable, it is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Member equity refunds cannot be made until the cooperative is operating at a stable level of profit.

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